Let’s go to Ireland

In the march of 2018 I spontaneous decided to travel for four days to Dublin, Ireland and visit my cousin there.

Since the tight planning, I booked my flight 4 days before I left. I started in Dresden, had a short layover in Cologne and then flew directly to Dublin.

Cologne out of the plane: A photo of cologne out of an airplane with the wing of the plane

On the day of the arrival I just walked a little bit around the city, talked to some nice people and explored the nightlife and pubs of Dublin.

A picture of Dublin with the Liffey river

On the next day we traveled together to Howth in the north of Dublin. It was a little bit foggy and rainy but nevertheless a nice trip.

The lighthouse of Howth

Karsten Lehmann at the shore of Howth

A picture of the cliffs of Howth

Yet another picture of the cliffs of Howth

At the third day we made a small trip to the sea front of Greystones in the south of Dublin. From there we wandered back to Dublin.

On our way we also came across the Bray Head hill.

The cross of the Bray Head

Dinner and Lunch have been nice experiences everyday, since we always visted a pub.

On my last day in Dublin I explored the city again and left in the evening. Just as on the outbound flight I had a layover in Cologne.

Dusk over Dublin out of an airplane